About Us

House Anchor  is a Leather house dedicated to supporting each other in personal growth and service to the community. We are presenters, activists, organizers, mentors, and volunteers. House Anchor advocates for equal rights for all, regardless of race, gender, ability, age, relationship structure, religion, or sexuality. 

Mxster Mita (or simply Mita) (they/them) is a multi-ethnic, non-binary Leather Fairy deeply immersed in a queer consciousness that fuses SM, sexuality, and spirituality. As a radically queer anarchist, Mita strongly believes in nonconformity and opposes heteronormativity. They blend their spirituality with BDSM, creating a unique counter-culture. Beginning their journey in body modification in the 1990s, Mita evolved from working in piercing shops to studying ritualistic body art, seeking a more profound connection through body stress/modification and S&M.

Mita is the Head of House Anchor, a Leather family dedicated to fostering personal growth and extending service to the community. They are a co-producer of Ritual Steel, an event that blends piercing with ecstatic and educational experiences. Additionally, Mita volunteers at various events, creating safe spaces for education, enjoyment, and growth in BDSM and energy-focused spirituality.

Through MitaBear Consulting, Mita supports Leather and LGBTQ events nationwide, promoting inclusivity and growth within these communities.


ServiceKitty (she/her/hers) is property of Mxster Mita and in service to House Anchor. As a sober, polyamorous, pansexual/queer, pagan, slave, and pet, Kitty has found a connection with the Leather community through its willingness to welcome people as they are when they come to it authentically and with integrity. Kitty works to live those attributes daily through an expression of power exchange, kink, and community service. 

Noah (He/Him)