Mita & ServiceKitty Presentations

Integrating Sobriety and Power Exchange Dynamics

This class explores the profound interconnection between the journey of recovery and sobriety and the dynamics of power exchange relationships. We delve into our personal narrative, shedding light on how the principles of recovery and sobriety coexisted with and enhanced our power exchange relationship. This session will provide guidance, tactics, and motivation to navigate comparable journeys. Attendees will discover how the discipline and communication required in power exchange can be powerful tools in recovery, fostering a deeper connection and understanding between partners. Join us to explore the transformative potential of blending these aspects of your life into a harmonious and empowering union.

Our M/s Doesn’t look like your M/s, and that’s OK.

Hitting the Eject Button: Safely Stopping a Scene 

When you have to stop a scene, you need to understand safety for your mind and body. 

Different Abilities and Service

Finding rituals and ways to express power exchange while allowing growth and supporting differing physical and mental abilities. How to give and receive service through your varying abilities. Give yourself the grace to accept necessary assistance when needed. Strengthen your relationship by exploring how your differing abilities complement each other.

Speed Negotiations: A Pickup Play Primer

Cover your bases, but get to the fun! Being risk-aware doesn't mean months of talking. You will learn tips to be thorough but quick and then practice them.

Power Exchange and Polyamory: Oil & Water?

In the subtle landscape of relationships, non-monogamy and power exchange dynamics often raise intriguing questions: Are they inherently incompatible, like oil and water, or do they blend seamlessly, like peanut butter and chocolate? This presentation delves into our exploration and the intricate protocols we've established while engaging in a Master/slave relationship amidst the complexities of non-monogamy. Join us as we share insights from our journey, shedding light on the challenges and synergies that arise when merging these distinct relationship frameworks.

Kink Safety Data Sheet 

This is a workshop. 

Build your own sheet with info needed for negotiating scenes, interactions for pickup play, and more.

Writing a Relationship Agreement:

Finding the words for what is in our hearts and our pants

ServiceKitty Presentation

My title is slave, not doormat: 

Slavery starts with a question, what does being a slave mean to you? Can a strong independent feminist be a slave? ServiceKitty will share the questions she asked herself when first considering if this title was right for her and how her continual choice to question, confirm, and recommit to this self-proclaimed title feeds her soul and serves her Mxster.

Sobriety in the Lifestyle: a slave's Journey in Recovery and in Leather

As a slave, my personal journey on how my recovery, M/s, Leather, and kink intertwine

Mita Presentations

Sobriety in the Lifestyle: a Master's Journey in Recovery and in Leather

As a Master, My personal journey on how my recovery, M/s, Leather, and kink intertwine

Trans & Non-Binary 101:Building Ally-ships in and out of the Dungeon

A fun and informational conversation on trans and gender-diverse identities. We will cover language, experience, and tips for developing your understanding of gender-diverse individuals. We will explore the many ways to build affirming ally-ships, both in a personal and communal way, at a munch or in the dungeon. Participants will leave with practical tools to help develop new relationships with the gender-diverse community.  This session is open to anyone looking to create a deeper understanding of how they can support friends, family members, and potential play partners or lovers to make a more empathetic and connected world.

Modern Primitives: A History of Body-Based Ritual

History of the modern hook pull and how what we’re doing isn’t appropriation.

Intro to Canes: More Than Cutting Your Own Switch

Anatomy, history of caning

Types of canes and caning

Care and feeding of canes

Where to hit and make pretty marks!

Poking for Beginners: Basic Needle Play

This is a hands-on class. You’ll be sticking yourself.

We will cover basic piercing anatomy and bloodborne pathogens for everyone involved. 

Safety first, second, and third, poking holes responsibly and discovering what you like or don't. 

We will also cover putting together a piercing kit.

Intermediate Needle Play

Demo + Hands-on class. Bring a partner to poke.

Prerequisite - Basic Needle Play Class or Equivalent Experience

Brief health and safety run through 

Advanced placement options 

When and why to make the transition from medical needles to body-piercing needles

Advanced Needle Play

Demo & Q&A.  

Size, quantity, placement, stimulation, and basic hooks.

When to make the transition to a larger gauge.  

What to do when a needle breaks.

Needle Bondage

An Intermediate look into melding the world of needle pay and bondage.  We will include demos of needle bondage and needle predicament bondage.  This is a 201 level, please, some with basic needle play knowledge. 

Pseudo-sutures:For You and Yours 

Suture play can be so much fun but requires skills and tools that only some have. 

Let me introduce you to the piercing needle and monofilament. 

Learn how to sew things on to people and even sew people together.  

Be creative and have some fun!

Pierced Body & SM Play: Playing with existing piercings

We will cover beating, pulling, and manipulating existing body piercings for BDSM play.

Temporary Piercing Performance

A custom-tailored class for your event 

Performance with Needles and Hooks 


A Round Table Discussion on Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the BDSM Lifestyle. Anyone who identifies as Queer or Trans or Black or Indigenous or a Person of Color in the lifestyle is welcome to attend.

Intensive: Navigating Relationship and Scene Negotiations for Trans and Gender-Diverse Individuals

This workshop offers a comprehensive exploration into the dynamics of relationship structures and scene negotiations, focusing on individuals with trans and gender-diverse experiences. It aims to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where participants can delve into the specific challenges and considerations inherent to their identities. Open to both members of the trans and gender-diverse community and their allies, partners, and playmates, this session encourages diverse attendance.

A key part of our discussion will center on effective negotiation strategies for interactions involving one's body, addressing the nuances of consent and communication that are vital for fostering respectful and fulfilling connections. Through guided conversations, interactive exercises, and sharing personal experiences, attendees will gain practical insights and techniques for negotiating relationship and scene dynamics confidently and safely. Join us to enhance your understanding and skills in creating more meaningful and considerate interactions within your relationships and play experiences.

Trans & Queer Sex 

A primer and discussion on Queer and Trans Sexual communication and styles