Welcome to House Anchor. 

We are Presenters, Activist, Organizers, Mentors, and Trouble-Makers. 

House Anchor champions authenticity, inclusivity, and respect within the leather, M/s, and polyamorous communities by fostering a culture rooted in integrity and continuous growth. Our ethos is anchored in doing the right thing, with an emphasis on transparency and ethical actions, even when unnoticed. We prioritize education to preserve queer Leatherfolk traditions, valuing deep connections and active community participation.


Accessibility, inclusion, and safety define our event spaces, reflecting our commitment to a safe community. We uphold respect, valuing each member's uniqueness with compassion and positivity. Service extends beyond a value to a practice, supporting community growth. Service is a key practice for us, as we provide support and resources for the growth and enrichment of our communities. We embody honor and courage, learning from the past to shape a resilient future. House Anchor advocates for equal rights for all, regardless of race, gender, ability, age, relationship structure, religion, or sexuality.